Former Tennessee Detective James Bishof Facing Prison Time For Official Oppression


A former Tennessee detective is hoping his six-year sentence will be served on probation or a prison diversion program rather than prison.

In July 2011, James Bishof was on duty at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and was working to help a 22-year-old woman involved in a domestic violence case.

Bishof reportedly convinced the woman to fully disrobe inside a bathroom, where he took nude photographs of her. Bishof claimed he needed to document her injuries to help further his investigation. He then told the woman he would have to go to her home with a better camera to take additional photos for the investigation.

When Bishof arrived at the victim’s home, he made her undress again. He continued taking more nude photographs of her. According to the Shelby County District Attorney General’s office, Bishof also made sexual remarks and touched the woman inappropriately.

The woman said she could not refuse doing what Bishof said because he had a badge and gun.

Bishof is no longer with the sheriff’s department and is pleading guilty to official oppression and assault involving offensive contact. Bishof, who is now 61, is facing a six year sentence in prison for official oppression in addition to six months for the assault.

The hearing is scheduled for Feb. 27 under Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee. The judge will determine whether Bishof will serve the entire sentence in prison, probation or a combination of the two.

Sources: Rawstory, Memphis Flyer   Photo Source: Pixabay


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