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Former Teacher and Cheerleader Sarah Jones Sues Nik Richie for Defamation

A former cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals is suing Nik Richie, owner of gossip site The Dirty, after he posted rumors that she had sex with all members of the Bengals football team and had contracted STDs.

Sarah Jones was also a teacher at Dixie Heights High School before she pleaded guilty to having sex with a 17-year-old student. In court Wednesday, Jones said she only had sex with two people in her life. 

Jones said Nik Richie, whose real name is Hooman Karamian, ruined her reputation by posting about her on the website. 

In court, Karamian defended himself by saying that she was a public figure when the information was posted about her. It is more difficult to prove defamation when someone is a public figure.

It is up to the jury now to decide. 

Karamian, 33, also said that his site is similar to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in how it features content mainly created by users. 

"My position is freedom of speech, and people are entitled to their own opinion," he testified. "This is America."

Jones' attorney said that the posts ruined her life, as she lost her reputation as a teacher and cheerleader. 

The first post was made on October 2009 and features a smiling Jones with a former kicker for the Bengals. The caption said she had sex with the entire team. 

In the second post, it was said that she had contracted STDs from her ex-husband after he cheated on her with more than 50 women. 

Karamian said he obtained the information for the posts from someone who knew Jones. He said that the only comment he posted about her was in the second post, which asked, "Why are all high school teachers freaks in the sacks?"

Jones said it made teaching awkward and embarrassing, as she had to address her class and tell them the rumors weren't true. 

The former teacher is still dating the teen she had sex with, she did not have to serve jail time because she pleaded guilty.



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