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Former Spring CFO Robert Dellinger Charged With Murder For Crash That Killed Pregnant Woman And Her Fiancé

A former Sprint executive has been officially indicted by a grand jury on second-degree murder charges stemming from a December crash that killed a pregnant woman and her fiancé.

The former Fortune 500 executive, 53-year-old Robert Dellinger, caused the accident that killed 24-year-old Amanda Murphy, who was eight months pregnant, along with her 29-year-old fiancé Jason Timmons.

According to reports, Dellinger told police that he caused the crash because he was trying to end his own life. Dellinger drove his car across a median on New Hampshire’s Interstate 89 near Lebanon, and when his truck became airborne, he wound up shearing the top off of the young couple’s truck. A medical examiner noted that the injuries the couple sustained were so bad that they looked like they had been in a plane crash. Dellinger only suffered from some minor cuts and bruises.

New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Susan Morrell said that on the morning of the fatal car crash, Dellinger had argued with his wife over medication, left the house, and drove around aimlessly.

“He was driving around, depressed and loopy,” said Morrell. “He saw the median and decided to turn into it.”

Morrell also criticized Dellinger for his choice to drive into an unblocked median, saying “He could have chosen many other ways to kill himself that would not put anyone else in danger.”

Initially, Dellinger was charged with two counts of reckless manslaughter, but two weeks after the crash, his charges were upgraded to two counts of second-degree murder and one count second-degree assault (for the fetus’s death) because his choice on that day showed “extreme indifference to human life.”

Dellinger’s attorney says they plan to plead not guilty to the charges. Dellinger is a former chief financial officer for Sprint, as well as CFO for PPG Industries.


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