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Former Secret Service Agent Held At Knife Point By Man Trying To Rob Her Store (Video)

A suspect chose to rob the wrong store after it turned out that the female storeowner was a former cop.

Reports say that a 47-year-old man entered Stan’s Health Foods in Mayfair, Pennsylvania wielding a knife. He demanded that the storeowner turn over cash from the register and proceeded to slam it on the ground to get it open.

46-year-old storeowner Sharon Doyle remained calm while the robber took the money from the register, but when he pressed his knife against her chest and threatened her, Doyle went into all-out badass mode.

As it turns out, Doyle is a former Secret Service agent and Philadelphia police officer, and the entire time that the robber was there, she was armed with a gun. As soon as the robber threatened her with a knife, she quickly pulled out her gun and shot him once in the chest.

"When police got here to transport him to the hospital, he still had a $100 clutched in his left hand,” Chief Inspector Scott Small told Action News.

The suspect was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital, and Doyle’s family says they are happy that she managed to defend herself.

“She called real quick, she said she's fine,” Doyle’s sister Christine Cutter said. “She was very calm. We were the ones that were freaking out.”

Doyle was not injured during the altercation and says that, “I just did what I had to do to be here.”

Sources: TheBlaze, 6 ABC Action News


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