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Former Rep. Allen West Urges John Boehner to Subpeona Obama

A former congressman is still up in arms about the scandals that plagued the White House last month, and he has suggested House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, subpoena the president in response.

Allen West, a Republican who served a lowly one term as House Representative until he lost his reelection bid in 2012, believes he has the credibility to urge the most senior members of the government to subpoena President Barack Obama into testifying in front of Congress.

According to West, Obama has not sufficiently addressed the Benghazi issue, nor has he been indicted for his so-called involvement in the IRS targeting scandal and the Justice Department’s collection of reporters’ phone records. Though the president has thoroughly addressed all issues — including his creation of an internal review board to comb through every aspect of the Benghazi situation and turn over their findings to Congress—he has not removed himself from office, which is the only action that will assuage West and other ultraconservatives.

In fact, West goes so far as to compare the Obama to the leaders of the military that have recently been brought up on sexual harassment charges.

"Recently, the entire uniformed leadership of the US Military was brought before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the subject of sexual assaults," West wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday. "They are being held responsible. So why isn’t Obama held responsible for all the scandals and questionable actions coming from his Executive Branch."

He added: "If I were Speaker of the House, I would make a demand on behalf of the American people, and clearly articulate that ‘President Obama refuses to answer or take responsibility for various questionable actions within his administration.’ Therefore, as Speaker, I am issuing a subpoena for the president to appear under oath before the Government Oversight and Investigations Committee in order to respond to the disturbing actions of the Executive Branch, which he oversees and for whom he is accountable.'"

West has long been an outspoken critic of the administration, but perhaps he should actually win over his own district before criticizing the man that won over more than half of the nation. 

Sources: Huffington Post, Sunshine State News 


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