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Former Pennsylvania Judge Paul Pozonsky Accused of Stealing Cocaine From Evidence Bags

A former Pennsylvania judge is facing a number of drug-related offenses after investigators discovered he was responsible for stealing cocaine from evidence bags and, at times, refilling those bags with baking soda.

On Thursday, police arrested Paul Pozonsky – a longtime Washington County judge who served the region for almost three decades – after a year-long investigation.

He’s currently facing eight counts of theft, four counts of drug possession, one count of misapplication of entrusted property and one count of obstruction – all of which are misdemeanors.

Pozonsky was also slapped with a felony conflict of interest charge.

According to CBS News affiliate KDKA, state officials discovered in May 2012 that bags meant to cocaine were either missing, tampered with, or contained baking soda.

The packets containing baking soda were later discovered to have Pozonsky’s fingerprints on them.

KDKA also reported that in May 2011, the judge asked police to bring all confiscated drugs into his courtroom. It’s alleged Pozonsky or one of his staffers kept the envelopes following the odd request.

Further, Pozonsky also asked a state trooper to bring a stash of over 200 grams of cocaine to his personal chambers – a strange request that the troop complied with.

Pozonsky, who’s currently free on $25,000 bond, has a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 13.

Sources: RT, CBS


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