Former Officer Rescues Woman From Gun-Toting Drivers

A situation that could have easily been exacerbated was quickly and safely handled by a father and son team in Florida on Saturday night.

54-year-old Gary Richie and his son Jacob witnessed a car accident as drivers were exiting Monster Jam, a popular monster truck competition.

Around 10 pm, the father and son duo noticed a truck sideswipe a minivan, owned by Shelley Mae Moore. As Moore pulled up to confront the other vehicle, Mr. Richie explains that “things turned very nasty very quickly.”

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The driver of the other vehicle, 21-year-old Stephen Page, pulled out a gun and pointed it at the woman’s vehicle, which also had Moore’s brother and children inside. Page’s passenger, Cory Gathings, 21, shortly appeared with a shotgun.

The elder Richie immediately ran over and pinned Gathings against his vehicle, while calling for his son to help with the other gun-wielding man.

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After police showed up, Page tried to steal his firearm back from Richie’s son, who then knocked the assailant to the ground. It seemed to be the right place at the right time for the elder Richie.

As a former police officer, he knew how to handle a situation like this. However, he explains his biggest fear in this predicament. “When I looked back, I could see there were kids in the car, kids in the van. If I didn’t do something, something bad could’ve happened. There are lots of kids and families that are jeopardized by that kind of behavior and it’s just unnecessary.”

Gathings and Page were both charged with aggravated assault. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Click Orlando

Photo Credit: WKMG via Daily Mail


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