Former Officer Laurie Gillespie, Two Current Officers Suing City Of Battle Creek Over Cameras In Locker Room


A former female officer with the Battle Creek Police Department in Michigan and two current female officers have filed a lawsuit against the city and several high-ranking officials in the department over surveillance cameras that were allegedly installed in their locker room.

The suit, which was filed by attorneys representing Laurie Gillespie, Jennifer McCaughna and Shawn O’Bryant, alleges a violation of the civil rights of the three female officers, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

The lawsuit also alleges their Fourth Amendment rights, which protect against unreasonable government intrusion and their expectations of privacy, were violated. Unspecified money damages are being sought.

There were reportedly complaints about money and property being stolen from the locker room and WWMT reports that officers with the department set up a camera to catch the person who was stealing. The camera reportedly caught Gillespie going through coats in the locker room and she was later fired.

Neither Gillespie or the two other officers knew about the recordings, they claimed in the lawsuit, which names the City of Battle Creek, Police Chief Jackie Hampton, Deputy Chief James Saylor, Inspector Maria Alonso, Deputy Inspector Randy Reinstein, Lt. Stephen Bush and Sgt. Chad Fickle as defendants.

The plaintiffs’ attorney noted that he doesn’t believe that department officials sought a legal opinion until after they had collected the video.

“There was no legal review of the plans before the cameras were installed,” Hugh Davis told the Battle Creek Enquirer. “As far as we know they did not seek any legal authority or a lawyer’s opinion.”

Sources: Battle Creek Enquirer, WWMT


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