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Former NYPD Officer Admir Kacamakovic Arrested for Pepper Spraying and Handcuffing Bar Patron

A former NYPD cop was sentenced to probation Thursday after violating a man’s civil rights and handcuffing him when he threatened to file a civilian complaint.

"My intent was not to commit a crime,” Admir Kacamakovic said, who also pepper-sprayed the victim, “it was to prevent a crime.”

Kacamakovic was an officer in the 62nd Precinct when he responded to a call from outside his cousin’s bar on July 5. He resigned in October after pleading guilty to the crime.

Defense lawyer Michael Rosen convinced Brooklyn Federal Judge William Kuntz that the 12 to 18 months in prison prescribed under the sentencing guidelines was unjust, and convinced the judge to drop accusations that Kacamakovic used a police database to find information on the victim.

The claim that the victim’s wrists had been cut by the handcuffs was also dismissed, after Rosen himself put the handcuffs on.

"Don't go '50 Shades of Grey’ on me, Mr. Rosen," Kuntz said, referring to the best-selling erotica novel. "T.M.I. is what my daughter would say."

Rosen said that while Kacamakovic was once a proud Naval airman and NYPD officer, his family must now survive on food stamps.

Kacamakovic is now also a convicted felon.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Huffington Post


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