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Former NYPD Detective Harry Houck: Trayvon Martin Would Be Alive If He Didn't Have 'Street Attitude'

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Former NYPD detective Harry Houck told Fox News on Tuesday that Trayvon Martin’s “street attitude” was responsible for his death — not George Zimmerman’s gun.

Houck commented on the case as a guest panelist during a Fox News live internet stream and stated what criminal defense attorney Tamara Holder said could be perceived as racist.

The panel discussed Trayvon’s image between breaks in jury selection.

“'Street attitude’ is a very broad thing,” Holder said, drawing attention to the significance of language in the Trayvon case.

Fox News host, Uma Pemmaraju, furthered the case of using appropriate language, saying that American society is increasingly focused on being politically correct.

Houck countered Holder’s argument calling it crazy. He argued anyone who thought the comment was racist was probably racist themselves.

Houck first made the comment after Holder brought up the significance of representative images for the jury, including the bag of Skittles and the can of Arizona iced tea that Treyon was holding when he was killed.

“That doesn’t look good, you know, for the defense,” Houck said, arguing that the prosecution was placing a false image of Trayvon into the jury’s minds. “Like, this is a little kid with candy walking around the street.” 

Sources: Raw Story, Mediaite


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