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Former NYPD Detective Claims Cops Racially Profiled, Beat Him (Video)

Former NYPD detective Harold Thomas claims that he was racially profiled and assaulted by his fellow officers two years ago in Washington Heights, a section of New York City.

Thomas was leaving a night club with his family and friends when officers told him that his car, a Cadillac Escalade, matched the description of a car in a “shots fired” call.

His sister, retired NYPD Det. Denise Thomas, told the New York Daily News that police saw Thomas' service weapon as he got into his car. The police told Thomas to take a Breathalyzer test, which he refused.

“They threw him to the ground and started beating on him,” recalled Denise.

Some of the incident was caught on a cell phone video (below).

“I showed them both my ID and said I am Detective Harold Thomas,” the retired detective told PIX11 News. “[The third cop] spins me around, slams my head on the roof of my car, made a dent in the car, grabbed me by the seat of my pants, throws me head first.”

When a commanding officer arrived, things got worse, claims Thomas.

“I said, 'Lieutenant, can you take these cuffs of me,' but he mushed me in the face and almost knocked me down,” Thomas recalled. “I did not want to get hurt bad.”

At the time, Thomas was charged with several crimes, including DWI, resisting arrest and assaulting a cop, but the charges were dismissed.

Thomas says he never got an apology for the incident, which caused him to retire from the NYPD.

Sources: New York Daily News, PIX11 News


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