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Former NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield Ordered to Pay $1M for Pit Bull Attack

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Slightly more than a year ago, a North Carolina postal carrier was the victim of a vicious dog attack on former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield’s property. This Wednesday, nearly 11 months after the case was originally brought to court, a judge awarded a $1 million judgment to that postal carrier.

Back in April 2011, Mary Bolton was attacked by Mayfield’s five dogs while attempting to deliver an oversized package to Mayfields’ home in Catawba County. The home had a set of “No Trespassing” and “Beware of Dogs” signs. As a result of the incident, Bolton suffered physical, mental, emotional and psychological problems. Per Sporting News:

Bolton attorney Marc Madonia said that Bolton suffered nerve damage from two large lacerations on her left forearm and still has decreased sensation and sporadic problems gripping and holding. She also suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, he said.

Bolton accused Mayfield of being negligent; essentially saying that he was responsible for the attack because he allowed his pit bull/Labrador mixes to run around so freely. A judgment in her favor was handed down last August, but the dollar amount owed didn’t come until this week.

Apparently, the $1 million figure is based partially on medical expenses, lost wages and that sort of thing; the rest of the dough, however, is tied to the fact that she has been left with only partial use of her left arm, scarring and emotional distress.

While a $1 million payment sounds great in theory, there are considerable doubts regarding whether or not Mayfield even has that sort of cash to pay out. Currently, he has $2.1 million in other judgments against him, and he owes more than $112,000 in fees and taxes for a property that was foreclosed and auctioned off last week. Beyond that, he also faces 18 criminal felony charges in North Carolina counties – mostly stemming from allegedly stealing goods and one for possession of meth.

Mayfield has been in and out of the news for all the wrong reasons ever since he was unceremoniously bounced from NASCAR back in 2009 after testing positive for meth.

(Kudos to the Charlotte Observer and Sporting News for the find)

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