Former Model Turned Politician Giselle Arellano Sues Rivals for Calling Her a Call Girl


Mexican politician Giselle Arellano, 39, made headlines for her promotional ads where she modeled in skimpy lingere. Her rivals then made "misogynistic" accusations that she was call girl, or rather a Las Vegas "escort girl."

Arellano, who lives in Las Vegas, says these claims cost her the congressional primary in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

"This is an abhorrent injustice," Arellano told CNN Mexico in an interview. "They are judging me, without having even listened to me."

She failed to get the nomination of Mexico's conservative National Action Party (PAN). The seat she ran for in the Zacatecas government is reserved for politicians who emigrate abroad.

She wants the election annulled, claiming she could not compete equally because she was "slandered" by her rivals.

Working previously as a model, Arellano also runs a small business in Vegas that offers "concierge services" to visitors. The website for the company, Black Rose, says it can help plan "Adult Birthday Parties" and "Bachelor Parties." However, it also offers more conventional visitor accomodations like translation and shopping excursions.

In early March, media in Mexico got their hands on a video she made for a European events firms, in which she wears skimpy lingere and angel wings and makes suggestive poses with other similarly dressed models.

After Mexican newspapers called her an "escort girl," Arellano was temporarily taken off the ballot for violating party statutes that require all candidates "make an honest living." Some tabloids even said she worked in a "brothel."

President of the Zacatecan Club of Las Vegas, which helps to raise funds for social programs to aid immigrants, Arellano said she wishes voters would pay more attention to what she is doing now, rather than what work she has down in the past.

"I'm still in the fight [for the PAN nomination]," Arellano said. "These 'democratic' practices that have nothing democratic about them will change, they have to change."

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