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Former Model Lucia J. Garza Suspected of Kidnapping Gloria Trevi's Husband Receives Bail

San Antonio immigration judge granted bail to former Mexican model Lucia J. Garza Sanchez, who was accused of being involved in the kidnapping of pop star Gloria Trevi’s husband, after she was arrested for shoplifting Thursday.

Garza was arrested after she was caught shoplifting from a southside H-E-B with her 65-year-old mother.

Though Garza paid a $2,000 bail, she was transferred to immigration custody because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said her visa had expired.

During recent weeks, Interpol had received a bulletin to law enforcement noting that both Garza and her mother were wanted in Mexico as accomplices to the kidnapping of Armando Gomez, the husband of Gloria Trevi.

Gomez was apparently snatched off the street in Monterrey and freed within 72 hours, reportedly after a ransom was paid.

Attorney for Garza Shawn Brown said her client adamantly denies the allegation, describing Trevi and Gomez as friends.

“It’s other people trying to implicate them,” Brown said. “Trevi and her husband are the godparents of [Garza’s] daughter, so it doesn’t make sense.”

In May, Garza was charged for theft of $50-500 in Bexar County, though she denied the allegation as well.

Sources: San-Antonio News, The Monitor


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