Mexico Violence Started When Gov't Stopped Working with Cartels


By "Radical" Russ Belville

According to a report in, while speaking to students in Saltillo, former governor of Mexico’s Coahila state Socrates Rizzo Garcia claims the Mexican federal government under previous presidents had worked out pacts with the criminal Mexican drug gangs to protect smuggling routes and transfer points all throughout the country.  Socrates Rizzo was governor between 1991 and 1996.

“Everything was decided from the capital and the governors were less independent,” he said.  ”Somehow they had solved the traffic conflict (of drugs)… [they] had a strong state and a strong president and a strong attorney and [they] had a tight control of Army and then somehow said ‘you go through here, you here, but do not touch me there in these places’, something happened.”

Although he repeatedly spoke of the “control” exercised by the PRI governments over drugs, he did not provide dates for the periods in which they exercised such influence, saying it “was lost in the presidential succession, the PAN did not follow up PRI strategy. ” According to Rizzo Garcia, the PAN did not listen to advice when it came to power.


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