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Former Mexican Drug Lord Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix Killed By Gunmen Dressed As Clowns

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Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, one of Mexico’s most powerful former drug lords, was shot dead by gunmen dressed as clowns recently while he was attending a child’s birthday party.

The 63-year-old was celebrating in Cabo San Lucas, a major tourist resort, when gunmen dressed in costumes, wigs and red noses invaded and shot him

Felix was hit by two bullets, one in the thorax and one in the head.

The gunmen then fled the Ocean House ballroom at the Hotel Marbella weren't found by police.

Felix was the oldest of seven brothers who once dominated the drug trafficking industry between Mexico and California, known as the most brutal and bloody crime family for some time. The Felix brothers even inspired characters in Steven Soderbergh’s film “Traffic”.

Many of the brother’s have been killed or imprisoned since the family’s peak, including Felix himself, who served 15 years in a United States prison before he was returned to Mexico on good behavior.

The cartel is now believed to be operated by Felix’s sister Enedina and her son Fernando, known as “The Engineer”.

Over the past seven years, violence linked to drug trafficking has left almost 70,000 dead.

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