Former Marine Donald Linville Arrested for Secretly Filming Neighbor, Sex with Underraged Girls


Former Marine Donald Linville, 23, was arrested on suspicion of secretly videotaping his neighbor, but now he also faces charges of having sex with underage girls and filming it.

Linville, of Phoenix, Ariz., is being held on suspicion of 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of surreptitious recording.

After authorities searched Linville’s home, they found he had stored multiple images of child pornography on his computer, including images of toddlers as young as three years old.

They also found video recordings of him having sex with at least six women, three of which said they didn’t know they were being videotaped and one of which was just 15 years old.

He was initially arrested on Halloween of 2012 for allegedly filming his neighbor through the second-floor balcony of her apartment.

He was in jail for criminal counts of burglary, attempted voyeurism, harassment and false reporting.

It was found he recorded the woman after she stepped outside her apartment and noticed the hidden camera on her balcony. It was recording the interior of her home.

As police reviewed it, they noticed the suspect had very distinct shoes. The victim recognized the shoes as Linville’s.

A search warrant was issued after he was in custody for the recording, and that was when they discovered the contents of his computer.

Police say one other girl in the videotaped encounters seems to be underage as well.

An attorney for the county is also looking into an allegation that Linville attempted to get a four-year-old boy to perform sexual acts when he was babysitting him.

His neighbors reported seeing him with many young women.

The recent findings put Linville in jail for the second time on Monday and his bond was set to $18,000.

A resume he posted online said he was from Albuquerque, New Mexico and was deployed to Iraq in 2008. He earned a medal for good conduct and enrolled in the University of Phoenix in 2011.



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