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Former Inmate, Bloods Gang Member Awaiting $450K Settlement From New York City Murdered

A former inmate of Rikers Island prison in New York, who was awaiting a settlement of $450,000 from the City of New York for ill treatment while incarcerated, was shot and killed on Nov. 27 in Brooklyn.

Robert Hinton, 28, was released from prison in 2015 and planned to start a new life away from trouble, The New York Times reported. He will not get to make his escape from violence after all.

Hinton, a former member of the Bloods gang, was going to use the $450,000 owed to him from a lawsuit to purchase a home far from his Brooklyn neighborhood, according to The New York Times. While he was incarcerated in Rikers Island in 2012, several jail guards hogtied him and severely beat him. 

On Nov. 27, Hinton was shot and killed in his Brooklyn neighborhood. There have been no arrests in his murder and there is no known motive.

“We had a conversation about how hopeful he was, about how the settlement money was going to give him a chance for a fresh start,” said his lawyer, Nicole Bellina, reported The New York Times.

Hinton’s lawsuit was settled two months ago but he had not received payment yet, according to New York Post.

“Our hearts are heavy with the news today of our client Robert Hinton’s death,” said Leo Glickman, reported New York Post. Glickman's firm represented Hinton in his lawsuit.

According to The New York Times, Hinton spoke of finding a better future for himself in a recent text to Bellina.

“I pray I even live long enough to see some sort of happiness,” Hinton wrote.

Sources: New York Post, The New York Times / Photo credit: Handout photo via New York Post, Wikimedia Commons

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