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Former High School Librarian and Police Chief Arrested for Planning to Kidnap, Kill Women and Children

Two men who planned to kill women and children have been arrested today after an investigation stemming from the "cannibal cop" case.

One man, Robert "Chris" Asch, 61, is a former Stuyvesant High School Librarian. He was arrested by the FBI in Greenwich Village on Monday.

His co-conspirator Richard Meltz, 65, was the chief of police at a veterans hospital in Massachusetts. He was arrested on Sunday in Roackaway, N.J.

It is not certain how Asch and Meltz are connected to Gilberto Valle, the Cannibal Cop, but it was reported that an undercover officer was used to investigate the two men's kidnapping plans.

Asch was discovered by the FBI when he responded to an online ad where someone had said they wanted help kidnapping, raping and killing their wife, sister-in-law and sister-in-law's children.

It was posted in October. Asch responded and met with undercover FBI agents to discuss a similar plot.

During two meetings, he brought items he thought would help, including a taser, a black ski mask, handcuffs, a hammer, pliers and forceps.

He also conducted surveillance on a woman. The woman was also an undercover agent, but Asch was not aware at the time.

When he met with agents again, he said that the woman "had to die."

Asch reportedly brought in Meltz when he said he wanted help kidnapping the woman.

"This is a fairly high-risk operation," Asch said during a conversation with Meltz. "Trying to snatch somebody off the street, home invasion, I think they're pretty high risk. I mean, there are ways to dismember and dispose."

There have been very few details released about the incident, but it is known that some of their intended victims included infants.

Asch also had a run-in with the law when he was accused of sexually assaulting boys at his job as a librarian. He was subsequently fired, though the charges were dropped.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Post


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