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Former Georgia Tech Football Player Locked His Son In A Room For Over A Year (Video)

A former Georgia Tech football player who was briefly signed with the Atlanta Falcons is facing serious charges after authorities discovered that he and his wife had kept their son locked up in a room for over a year.

Recardo Wimbush, 33, and his wife, Therian Wimbush, 37, have been charged with first-degree cruelty to children and false imprisonment. According to reports, the couple’s 13-year-old son hadn’t seen nine brothers and sisters for months when he was found in the room.

"He was essentially being treated as a prisoner would be treated," said Cpl. Jake Smith. “The window had been painted over. There was no light bulb outside. What was inside was a bucket that the child was using as a bathroom, a mattress and box spring.”

Reports say that Recardo and Therian locked their oldest son in the room as a punishment for allegedly stealing a DVD player.

“Therian and Recardo Sr. justified his treatment in Juvenile Court by saying the boy molested three of the younger siblings,” read a detective in the arrest warrant. “The child stated he was locked in the bedroom located in the basement for taking the family DVD player and lying about it.”

Despite the claims that the young boy molested his siblings, police say there is no proof of that, and the other siblings haven’t said anything about it.

The 10 children have now been placed in DCFS care while a criminal investigation continues.


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