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Former Fox News Employee Commits Suicide In Front Of The News Corp. Building

Phillip Perea, 41, attempted to kill himself in front of the News Corp. building in New York City this morning. The building houses Fox News, the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal and Perea was an apparently jilted former employee of Fox News.

 Around 9 a.m. this morning, Perea shot himself in the chest after handing out fliers criticizing Fox for “ending [his] career.” He died at Bellevue Hospital Center an hour later. 

Wall Street Journal reported police said Perea, of Irving, Texas, was a former employee of a Fox station in Austin.

A suicide note was uncovered at the scene, but it has yet to be released. However, Perea’s Twitter account left little doubt as to his motive. 

Just hours before he died, he tweeted “The 7th and final chapter of #theamericanworkplacebully

The end...or the beginning #We’reWithPhil,” and attached a link to a series of YouTube videos he produced, entitled “The American Workplace Bully: How FOX News Ended My Career.”

The 35 video series, the last installment of which was uploaded today, implored people to end workplace bullying and accused Fox managers of “career sabotaging and malicious lying.” Perea encouraged viewers to use the hashtag #We’reWithPhil to “put corporations on notice” that their employees were united against workplace bullying. 

In a story from the Austin Chronicle, published in July 2014, Perea was described as a promotion producer at Fox. He was suspended by his manager, Michael Lewis, in May for using inappropriate language and not following directions.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Austin Chronicle, Twitter Image via Gerard Flynn/Flickr


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