Former Employee Brings Ex-Boss To Tears With Heartwarming Letter (Photo)


Dairy Queen owner Yvonne Lavasidis was brought to tears when she read a letter of gratitude from a former employee.

“You are an incredible boss and an even better human being,” Nabiha Islam, a former employee turned doctor, wrote. “It’s taken me a long time…to come back around to Dairy Queen but I have thought of you and your kindness often.”

In the letter, Islam thanked Lavasidis for allowing her to study for medical admission tests when no customers were around.

“I was in tears when I read the note for the first time, and every time I read it, it still brings tears to my eyes,” Lavasidis said. “Obviously I was so very touched.”

Lavasidis noted that Islam was a wonderful employee and intelligent. She added that many of her employees have gone on to be successful in other careers, and that one previous employee even works a shift at Dairy Queen on occassion for fun.

The 42-year-old suggested that she creates a relaxed atmosphere for her employees to work in and often throws BBQs in the back of the restaurant.

Lavasidis’ husband posted an image of the letter after she received it, and it has since gone viral.

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Sources: DailyMail, BizPac Review


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