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Former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey Spreads Lies About Marijuana

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In the media rush to cover the DOJ memo on the Obama administration’s
redirecting federal law enforcement efforts away from arresting and
prosecuting state compliant medical cannabis providers CNN’s Lou Dobbs
interviewed former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey and Cato Institute’s Tim

Checkout Tim’s on-point rebuttal of McCaffrey’s usual double-speak, and that of others like blogger Joe Campbell, who’ve simply called out McCaffrey as, in Mr. Campbell’s view, “a liar”.

Any long time observer of Mr. Caffrey’s m.o. when being interviewed
is to tell some whoppers to an unquestioning media, but in these recent
videos McCaffrey, again, wrongly claims that no one gets arrested for
cannabis; no one goes to jail or prison for cannabis-related offenses;
that he didn’t lose in the seminal case Conant vs McCaffrey;
cannabis is de facto legal in the United States, etc…Geesh! I guess
when the hundreds of cannabis consumers who call the toll-free number
(888-67-NORML) or email NORML this week post arrest looking for legal
information and assistance, we”ll just inform them, ‘Don’t you know, according to Barry McCaffrey, cannabis is de facto legal, and that you didn’t really get arrested.’

Makes one wonder how honest and credible McCaffrey has been for the
last nine years as a paid, on-air military consultant for NBC News when
his track record for anti-pot prevarications (I’m in DC…and therefore
not suppose to use the word ‘lie’) are so obviously refuted. If he’d so
obviously twist the truth about cannabis, would he mislead an audience
or interviewer about America’s military and defense contractors?


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