Former Double Agent For The CIA And Al Qaeda Tells His Story (Video)


Morten Storm is a man of many identities. Although you and I refer to him as Storm today, people in his past know him as Murad Storm, Abu Osama, and Abu Mujahid. For years, Storm lived what he calls a “schizophrenic lifestyle” as a CIA agent doubling as an al-Qaeda operative.

Tonight, Storm is taking viewers inside his life as a double agent on a CNN special titled “Double Agent: Inside al Qaeda for the CIA.”

Storm’s life changed drastically years ago when he read a book on the life of Mohammed and converted to a radical brand of Islam. He moved to Yemen to learn Arabic and hoped to join forces with jihadists in Somalia.

When his plan to join Somali fighters failed, Storm started questioning his Muslim faith. He did extensive research on the Quran and came to the conclusion that it contained “genuine contradictions.”

“It took some time to research them,” Storm said. “But once I concluded that they were genuinely contradictions, that’s when it wiped [my faith] totally away.”

With his military aspirations gone, Storm went to western intelligence agencies and offered to work as an operative within terrorist organizations. The CIA took him up on the offer.

For the next five years, Storm says he “moved back and forth between two worlds and two identities — when one misplaced sentence could have cost me my life.” He had to switch identities, languages, and worldviews on a moment’s notice, from “atheism and hardline Islam, [to] English and Arabic.”

Although the CIA declined to publicly confirm Storm’s story, he says his intel led to the killing of over 30 reputable al Qaeda members. Storm’s full story airs tonight on CNN at 9 pm eastern. For a preview of the program, watch this video:

Sources: CNN, The Blaze


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