Former Dem Candidate Jim Webb: I Can't Vote For Clinton


Former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb said he won't vote for Hillary Clinton, but wouldn't rule out voting for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

"I'm not sure yet," the independent senator, who dropped out of the primary in October, said during an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, according to CNN. "I don't know who I am going to vote for."

"The reason why Donald Trump is getting so much support right now is because people are seeing him as the only one who has the courage to clean out the stables of the American governmental system right now," he said.

When asked if he'd vote for Clinton, Webb definitively ruled out the option.

"No, I would not vote for Hillary Clinton," he said. "If you vote for Donald Trump you could get something very good or very bad. If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you're going to be getting the same thing."

The former Virginia senator has yet to endorse a candidate. He was not asked whether or not he'd vote for Senator Bernie Sanders.

In early February, Webb announced that he would not pursue an Independent bid for the presidency.

"Theoretically it could be done, but it is enormously costly and time sensitive, and I don’t see the fundraising trajectory where we could make a realistic run,” he said during a foreign policy speech in Dallas, Bloomberg reported.

In his speech, Webb slammed Clinton's foreign policy leadership during her time as Secretary of State.

"We have not had a clear statement of national security policy since the end of the Cold War," he said. "And I see no one running for president today who has a firm understanding of the elements necessary to build a national strategy.”

Webb wasn't the only politician considering an independent run. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in February that he was weighing his options for a run.

"I’m listening to what candidates are saying and what the primary voters appear to be doing," he told Financial Times, according to Politico.

Sources: CNN, Bloomberg, Politico / Photo credit: Flickr

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