Former Cop Christopher Dorner Accused of Shooting Police, Civilians (Video)

Former police officer and Navy reservist Christopher Dorner is accused of allegedly shooting three police officers in Riverside, California, and two civilians in Irvine, California.

According to KTLA-TV, Los Angeles police began pursuing Dorner after the Sunday double murder of Monica Quan, daughter of a former LAPD officer, and her fiance Keith Lawrence in Irvine, California.

Dorner published a long manifesto online slamming the Los Angeles police department for using excessive force and promoting allegedly corrupt officers. He threatened to carry out warfare on anyone wearing an LAPD uniform.

In the online posting, Dorner specifically named retired L.A. police captain Randy Quan, the father of Monica Quan. Randy Quan served as Dorner’s rep. in the process that ultimately led to Dorner’s dismissal.

Dorner was fired in 2008 for allegedly making false statements about his field training officer, who he accused of kicking a suspect.

After the Irvine murders, Dorner allegedly shot three police officers in Riverside, California, injuring one fatally.

In his online posting, Dorner claimed that he owned a high powered Barrett .50-caliber guns and SA-7 Manpads, a portable anti-aircraft weapon.

Source: KTLA-TV


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