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Award-Winning Swimmer Drowns In Lifeguard Test

A former star college swimmer drowned in a lake in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, while interviewing for a returning lifeguard summer job May 28.

New Yorker Jack Jakubek, 22, had just graduated as an award-winning swimmer from SUNY Cortland.  He was also captain of the college’s swim team, the Daily Mail reports.

Jakubek held the SUNY Athletic Conference record for the 100-meter breaststroke.

Yet Jakubek drowned while performing an underwater stress test. Although paramedics tried resuscitating the man almost immediately, he was unresponsive and died a short time later.

Friends and family were shocked to hear the news.

“Everyone’s devastated,” said Jakubek’s college swim coach, Brian Tobin, Boston Globe reports. “He was the kind of teammate that every teammate wants to have, and a swimmer that every coach wants in the pool.”

SUNY Cortland’s swim team wrote on Facebook:

In case you have not yet heard, SUNY Cortland Swimming and Diving lost a great one in a tragedy yesterday. Jack Jakubek passed away during a lifeguard training exercise. He was full of life, and pursued his dreams with his best effort every day. He will be greatly missed by all. Continue to represent yourselves, your teammates, and SUNY Cortland well. Our time here is limited and we all should make the most of it.

“It's a true loss for us all, but I can say that we're all better off for having had Jack in our lives and having known him,” said Tobin. “He was a very good high school swimmer, and over the course of his four years here at Cortland, he continued to improve, progress. He had a tremendous work ethic.”

“Jack was the guy that everybody could rely on. He was a great teammate for those around him. And he wasn't just a teammate for people on the team. He was a great teammate in life,” Tobin added.

Local officials say they will continue to investigation Jakubek’s death.

Sources: Daily MailBoston Globe / Photo credit: WCVB

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