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Should Former Fiancée Return Engagement Ring?

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Even more classic than a Tiffany princess cut 2.5-carat ring or a moonlit proposal atop the Eiffel Tower, is the age-old dilemma of what happens to the engagement ring should the happy couple part ways.

Here's one way it can end: In court. That's where Long Island couple Danielle Cavalieri, 26, and John Gunther, 27, found themselves when they couldn't agree on how to properly handle their breakup. Cavalieri says that she is justified in keeping the $19,000 white-gold 2.2-carat ring because Gunther allegedly cheated.

The couple got engaged in March 2008 and was supposed to wed in October 2009. But they split and Cavalieri promised she would return the ring and Gunther would reimburse his father for their engagement party. But when Cavalieri refused to give it back, Gunther took her to court. Cavalier filed a counterclaim this past winter saying she deserved the ring because of Gunther's affair and demanded $100,000 for "emotional stress."

But just last week Justice F. Dana Winslow ruled that Cavalieri had to return the ring, due to New York State law which states that all jewelry "in contemplation of marriage" is returned and that "fault in the breakup of an engagement is irrelevant."

But don't worry. Cavalieri's not drowning her sorrows in ice cream -- she's getting married to a new beau on Saturday.

Given that the engagement ring is given with the intent of marriage, what do you think a woman should do with the ring?


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