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Former Apple Retail Employees Sue Company For Unpaid Security Screenings

Two former Apple retail store employees are suing the company over wages they claim to have lost during security screenings at the store.

Security screenings are standard procedure for all Apple store employees. When an employee arrives to work or leaves work, their bag is checked. Apple says the policy aims to reduce in-store theft from employees.

But the former employees say the checks often take up to 15 minutes. When you add this time up, they claim, it can result in $1,500 in lost wages annually.

One of the former employees worked at a Los Angeles Apple store, the other at a store in New York. The employees are hoping to represent all workers from the state of California and New York who in the last six years have not been compensated for their time spent being searched. In addition, the lawsuit is seeking overtime compensation for workers who spent time being searched after they had worked 40 hours for the week.

According to the lawsuit, the employees had no problem with the search. They only had a problem not being paid for it.

Good luck with this one, guys. Security screenings are common for retail workers, and I’m willing to bet that you were told about them in some obscure paragraph of your employee contract, which you consented to when you signed. 

Sources: ZD Net, Businessweek


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