Forget Diamonds—Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend

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Jennifer Aniston is proving that dogs may very well be the best dates. Much like her character in Marley and Me, Jen is a devoted guardian. Her four-legged love bugs, Norman and Dolly, are a constant presence on her movie sets and are often seen taking walks with her on the beach. Both rescues, Norman is a 15-year-old Welsh corgi-terrier mix, and Dolly is a creamy white 4-year-old German shepherd.

"Really, the most unconditional form of love that you can encounter is with a dog," the actor raves. "They're excited the minute you come home, and they show the same amount of excitement every day. They're loyal, and they're always, always faithful." We didn't interview Jennifer's dogs, but we're sure that the sweet sentiments are mutual.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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