Foreign theocracy defeats same sex marriage rights in Maryland


A theocracy defeated the rights of gay men and women (plus their family and friends who support and love them) to enter into a marriage contract with the person they are attracted and wish to marry. A theocracy that allows no democracy within members of their church, said to a state in the world's most powerful democracy, that they should practice discrimination. I am talking about the Catholic church and their opposition which stopped same sex marriage in Maryland. If you are a Catholic, you have as much say in choosing who your pope, cardinal, bishop and even priest might be, as I, a secular humanist.
The Catholic church has done of course, an excellent job in choosing all of its' priests. No scandals there, of course. Maryland had Catholic origins, over 300 years ago. Catholic leaders must believe that makes Maryland a subset of their church.
  Now, not all the religious groups who opposed same sex marriage were Catholic but they were the most powerful opposition and they are the only one of them that is a nation state. The Catholic church campaigning against same sex marriage is like China campaigning against same sex marriage. After all, both are nations that don't tolerate much dissent and neither allow elections by rank and file members or citizens.  For the life of me, why the Vatican is considered a nation where no other religion is afforded such status, I have no idea. Because of a deal between the Vatican and the Italian dictator Mussolini in the 1930s? That's it? Yes.
  The Catholic church has done some good work in the past, especially individual priests. They campaigned for civil rights but when they tell people who aren't even Catholics, that they can't have full rights within their own nation or state, how are they that different than the segreationists they marched against 50 years ago? After all, both believed they are doing their god's work. We as a society need to be freed from the religious dogma of others and especially the religious dogma of foreign powers. If a church does not want same sex marriage within their own church, good for them, don't speak for everyone else though.


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