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Ford Debuts New Car, Runs on Solar Power

Ford will debut its new C-Max Solar Energi car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV next week.

Ford says the C-Max Solar Energi gets the same performance via solar power (sunlight) as a plug-in hybrid with a four-hour battery charge, notes Fox News.

C-Max Solar Energi’s estimated combined city-highway mileage is 100 mpg and will reportedly reduce the average driver's greenhouse gas emissions by four metric tons.

The C-Max Solar Energi car can drive about 620 miles, may be charged via electricity like a normal hybrid car and runs on gasoline.

The solar power comes from the vehicle's roof-mounted solar panels, which include a “special solar concentrator lens similar to a magnifying glass.”

However, solar-powered cars have been tried in the past and failed.

USA Todayreports:

Other automakers have put solar cells on the roofs of their cars, but didn't get much power out of them. Fisker, the defunct automaker, put an array on the roof of its Karma sedan, but officials estimated it would good only for about five extra miles a week. Toyota offers a solar option on Prius, but its usefulness is limited to powering an interior fan.

Ford still has to further test the C-Max Solar Energi to determine if it’s possible for mass production.

Sources: USA Today and Fox News


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