For 30 Days, It's All GOOD

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The good folks at GOOD magazine want to "live well and do good," which makes their June 30-Day Challenge quite fitting: Members of the GOOD staff are going vegetarian (or, in some cases, vegan) for the next month, and they're inviting their readers to join in the fun

"It's fast becoming a well-known fact that eating less meat is good for the earth," writes GOOD senior editor Cord Jefferson. "Authors from Upton Sinclair to Jonathan Safran Foer have detailed the horrific animal cruelty and human-rights abuses associated with factory farming and meat processing. And most doctors will tell you that eating fewer animal products is simply better for your health."

Check out the 30-Day Challenge, order a free PETA vegetarian/vegan starter kit, and join the GOOD staff in doing a whole lotta good.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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