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Footy Show Apologizes For Calling Baby ‘Ugly’ On National TV

An Australian rules football show has stirred up some controversy after it featured a picture of an “ugly” baby in at attempt to poke fun at one of the program’s hosts.

The Footy Show showed a picture Bella Richmond and said she bore a resemblance to commentator Peter Sterling.

Her parents, Michael and Melanie Richmond, said they were "still in shock and dumbfounded" after the picture of their daughter was broadcast on the airwaves. The Footy Show posted a statement on Facebook saying that it had contacted the family.

"Regarding recent articles in News Ltd papers, the Look-A-Likes photo was sent into The Footy Show by a friend of the family and was not taken off Facebook," the statement read.

"We chose not to make a statement to News Ltd yesterday but we did not refuse to apologize to the family and we did speak to the family on Friday and will do so again today to reassure them we never intended to cause hurt to them or their child and of course apologize if it did."

When the photo of 18-month-old Bella was displayed, one of the show’s panelists said she was ugly and that she looked like Sterling, reported.

The Richmonds are planning to speak to a lawyer.  

"We are going to seek legal advice because they (Channel 9) still haven't gotten back to us," Michael said yesterday. "We were going to let it go but we can't. Someone has put our baby on TV. We want to get some feedback on what our legal options are now."

He continued:

"I understand how Facebook works and that when you share photos they become public and there's nothing you can do. The fact is that somewhere, somehow, a producer has gotten a photo of my daughter and made the decision to put it on television. I know it's supposed to be tongue in cheek but she's just a baby. It's not cool."

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