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Something Amazing Happens After Football Official Tells Player To Stop Pointing To God

After reportedly suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide, college football player Luke Keller discovered God. Now, his dedication to God on the field is being threatened.

As a high school student in Lucasville, Ohio, Keller had never talked to God, the Portsmouth-Daily Times reports. One day right before he started his senior year, however, he decided to try it; he hoped it would help him cope with his depression.

“I said ‘God if you are real. If you are what people say you are, then tell me something because today I’m going to end my life. I need to now if you’re real,’” Keller told the Portsmouth Daily-Times.

Keller claimed that he heard the voice of God at that moment.

“I want you to follow me,” God said, according to Keller.

Keller fell to his knees and began crying. Then, Keller suddenly felt as though the feelings of anxiety and thoughts of suicide were gone. All he could think to say in that moment was, “Thank you.”

In his gratitude, Keller made a show of pointing to the sky after every touchdown he made during his last high school football season. At one point, an official told Keller he would be penalized and not be allowed to finish playing the game if he made the gesture again.

Keller was devastated. During half time, however, he was given a note from his sister that read, “Be patient and let God work.”

After scoring another touchdown, Keller refrained from making the gesture. But, when he looked at the bleachers, he saw 7,000 attendees kneeling and pointing to the sky like he had.

Keller said that God had come to him and separated Satan from the situation.

As a result of his incredible playing, Keller was recruited by Morehead State University in Kentucky. Despite requiring surgery on his ankle and again on his wrist, Keller was able to put his uniform back on and continue playing.

Throughout all of his trials, Keller has maintained that God is real and continues to connect with God through faith. 

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Sources: The Daily Independent via Morehead State News, Lift Bump, Portsmouth Daily-Times

Photo Credit: Lift Bump 


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