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Football Coach Arrested for Vandalizing Own High School to Inspire His Team (Video)

Marion County and South Pittsburg high schools have such an intense rivalry that someone sprayed vulgar graffiti on Marion County High School right before their big game.

The school, located in Jasper, Tenn., was hit with spray-painted messages defaming the town, uniforms and coaches (video below).

The messages included: "Only p------ wear purple" and "f--- this house."

Initially, South Pittsburg students were suspected of the vandalism.

“It’s extremely disturbing and disappointing to me and our school because that is not something we condone at all,” South Pittsburg principal Danny Wilson told the Times Free Press. “Our senior captains came to me and asked if they could go up there and help clean it up because they’re as embarrassed as I am and they don’t want people thinking we allow thugs like that in our school."

“We warned all of our kids at school yesterday to stay out of Jasper and I hope they can identify who it was because if it was any of our kids we will drop the full hammer on them.” added Wilson.

Marion County school superintendent Mark Griffith said the vandalism was in the thousands of dollars, but the guilty party would likely be caught because the school has surveillance cameras.

To everyone's shock, police arrested Marion's assistant football coach Michael Schmitt on Wednesday and charged him with vandalism, noted

Local law enforcement believes Schmitt did it to inspire his team, which failed as South Pittsburg won, 35-17.

"It is sad to say that this event gives the whole community a black eye and the real victims of this incident are the kids from both schools," said Marion County Sheriff's Department Matt Blansett.

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