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Footage Of This Woman's Erratic Driving Will Leave You Shocked (Video)

Two Pennsylvania men were filming a bad driver in front of them when the vehicle suddenly crashed, causing the men’s truck to slam into it.

Kaecieo Bass and Kevin Denney, both delivery workers, were driving along Route 21 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, when they realized the car ahead of them was swerving in and out of lanes, WPXI-TV reports.

The two decided to record the car so they could report it to the authorities.

“I don’t know if she’s drunk or what’s going on,” Bass said in the video. “They need to get their mind right. I hope nothing happens to them.”

The female driver is seen in the video (below) continuing to drive erratically for a few minutes, The Blaze notes.

Seconds later, Bass tells Denney to “Slow down. I don’t wanna be involved in an accident.”

But at the 2:30 mark in the video, the woman collides with an oncoming car causing a three-vehicle crash, according to

“Out of nowhere, she just cut off the car and the car ricocheted off of us. It was a head-in collision, man. I am really blessed to be here right now,” Bass told WPXI.

The woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but no one else involved in the crash was seriously injured.

It’s unclear why the woman was swerving, but police are still investigating the accident.
(Warning: Contains graphic language):

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Video Source: kaecieo bass/YouTube


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