Footage Shows Suspect Ramming Truck Into Patrol Car Before Being Fatally Shot (Video)

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Surveillance footage posted to LiveLeak yesterday helps clear up details surrounding the recent fatal shooting of an Albuquerque man by a police officer.

On August 4th, a man driving a red pickup truck threatened two women and demanded they get in his truck. The frightened women fled in their car, but the suspect followed them and repeatedly crashed his truck into their vehicle until it was immobilized.

It was then that a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived at the scene, the Albuquerque Journal reports. Footage reveals that the suspect smashed his truck into the patrol car and drove off. Moments later he appeared again, this time travelling at a higher speed, and rammed into the patrol car. The suspect then got out of his truck, at which time the officer fatally shot him.

Here’s the footage:

The shooting originally drew widespread criticism given the Albuquerque Police Department’s reputation for using excessive force. The department has fatally shot 27 people since 2010. An investigation by the Department of Justice found Albuquerque PD was, in fact, guilty of frequent use of excessive force.

After watching the footage, most viewers seem to agree that the officer’s use of fatal force in this instance was justified. 

Sources: LiveLeak, The Albuquerque Journal


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