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Footage Shows Rat Climbing On Kebab In Unknown Restaurant (Video)

Footage showing a rat climbing up a kebab skewer in an unknown restaurant has resurfaced, causing many to wonder where this unsanitary restaurant is located.

In the clip, a rat is seen sitting on the top of a kebab and attempting to climb up the skewer. A customer waiting in line decided to take out their phone to capture it, and although the clip is short, it shows just how unsanitary the conditions in this restaurant probably are.

Users online reacted in horror at the sight of the rat climbing all over the food, with one noting, “Glad I’m vegetarian!”

After the footage first surfaced, The Daily Mirror reported that a UK takeaway restaurant was accused of being the location featured, but soon after, it was discovered that the accusations were false. Still, the accused business owner spoke out, saying that the claims hurt his business.

“I was gutted when I saw the video,” said 63-year-old Mohammed Rifi, owner of Middlesbrough’s Papa Mo’s Pizzeria. “This is my living, my family’s living and I pride myself in giving our customers the best.”

Additionally, an investigation by health officials confirmed that the footage is not from the accused restaurant.

“Environmental Health officers were made aware of footage alleging to be from a Middlesbrough takeaway recently being posted online,” said a statement from a Middlesbrough Council spokesperson back in February. “Investigations, including a visit to the premises, quickly made it clear that the claims are false and the video is not from this takeaway.”

Now that the clip has resurfaced, questions as to where this footage was captured are starting to come up again, and if it is revealed, it’s safe to say that most will probably avoid eating there in the future.

Sources: Metro UK, The Daily Mirror


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