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Ferguson, Missouri: Papa John's Manager Defends Store From Looters (Video)

Following the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, looting and rioting broke out across the city, but one business manager decided she just wasn’t going to have it.

Pictures of rioting and destruction across Ferguson are startling, to say the least, and paint a picture of just how angry people are about the grand jury’s decision, but many have expressed outrage that people would take their anger out on innocent businesses in the area. While many of the businesses seemed to be completely helpless, as preemptive measures didn’t seem to stop looters, the manager of a Ferguson Papa John’s store decided she wasn’t going to deal with people breaking into her place of employment.

Video captured from the eventful night of violent demonstration shows the woman, who is said to be manager of the restaurant, bravely defending her store from looters. As a man starts to punch the glass window in an attempt to get inside, the woman decides she isn’t going to deal with it and uses her hands to guide him away.

Soon thereafter, a second man approaches and tries to help the other break through the glass, and even as they appear to grow even angrier, the female manager doesn’t budge and even raises her fists to intimidate them. At one point, a woman in the background tries to tell the female manager to move, shouting, “This ain’t your business,” but the manager stands her ground and defends the restaurant.

The video was first published by blogger Victor Maggio, and now, people all over are able to see firsthand this woman’s bravery in the face of a potentially violent situation. Take a look at the clip below.

Sources:Daily Mail, Maggionews / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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