Footage Reportedly Shows Man Being Arrested By NYPD For Sleeping On Train (Video)


Cellphone footage out of New York City reportedly shows a man being forcefully apprehended and arrested for no apparent reason.

The man being arrested claims he was harassed by the officers for sleeping on a subway train on the way home from work. 

At the 0:23 mark, the man repeatedly asks the officers why he is being apprehended.

“For what? For what?” he asks. “Because I’m sleeping?”

The female officer says, “Yes,” in response.

The man struggles against the officers for several minutes while insisting that they have no reason to detain him. He repeatedly says he was only sleeping on the train on his way home. Eventually, back-up is called in, and the man is dropped to the ground and arrested.

Here’s the footage:

It is not known if the detained man is being charged with any crime. The footage was originally submitted to The Free Thought Project.


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