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Footage Shows Indian Women Attacking Harrassers With Belt (Video)

A new viral video shows two sisters using physical force to confront a group of men harassing them.

The footage, which was posted to YouTube over the weekend, was filmed inside of a bus. According to one of the sisters, the incident started when one of the men handed the girls his phone number.

"We boarded the bus from Rohtak bus stand,” reports the sister saying. “This boy started teasing us by trying to give his phone number to us. When we protested, he called his friends, and they started making obscene gestures. When I walked up to him asking not to make such gestures, he grabbed me by the neck while others held back my sister."

When one of the women saw her sister being grabbed by the neck, she intervened immediately.

"My sister then took out her belt and started hitting them,” one of the women said. “They left me and attacked my sister, then I went to save her. In the end, they threw us both out of the bus.”

Here’s the footage:

The sisters faced scrutiny after filing a police complaint against the men. They say representatives from one of the men’s villages visited them and ordered them to rescind their claim. They declined. The village representative later told them the men would commit suicide before apologizing. The next day, local police announced that all three men had been arrested.

"We have arrested the three accused, and they will be produced before court tomorrow," said Rohtak police official Shanshank Anand.

Annie Raja, general secretary of the National Federation of Indian Women, says onlookers should have done more to help the women.

"When the girls are in trouble, it is your responsibility as a citizen of this country to help those girls, but you are not doing it," Raja said. "This is not the first time people are behaving like this; this is the character of our society. I think, first of all, we must highlight the positive aspect of this incident – that is the girls dared to challenge those who violate their rights. Congratulations to those girls for their courageous act.”

Sources:, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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