Footage Reveals How Law Student Lost a Testicle From Police Brutality (Video)

A video released by the Albuquerque Police Department shows exactly what went down the night that a University of New Mexico law student was kicked in the crotch by a cop, leading to the loss of one of his testicles.

KOB Eyewitness News requested the footage and transcribed the encounter, which took place on April 24 between 24-year-old student Jeremy Martin and APD cop Pablo Padilla. Martin was pulled over by Padilla for running a stop sign.

Padilla asks Martin to sit down on the curb. Martin complies, but then gets up and starts walking into the street.

In the lapel cam footage, Martin tries to ask the cop a question as Padilla insists that he sit down again. At this point, Martin had admitted that he had three beers before getting behind the wheel.

{Padilla} Sit down right now. Sit down right now.

Sit down right now or I'll mace you. It's real simple.

{Martin:} Mace me. Mace me please. I would love for you to mace me. That would be fantastic sir.

{Padilla:} You need to sit down.

{Martin:} Let my friends drive the truck away and let me walk away.

{Padilla:} That's not how it works.

The argument escalates and then turns physical.

{Padilla} Turn around.

{Martin} Don't kick me in the nuts, you (expletive).

{Padilla} Get on the ground!

{Martin} (expletive) you!

Padilla then throws Martin to the ground, leaving road rash on his face. He also kneed him so hard in the groin that Martin had to be taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.

“This officer felt the necessity to knee him so directly and with so much blunt force that it shattered his testicle,” Martin’s lawyer said in a statement.

Progress Now Executive Director Patrick Davis told the Huffington Post that officer Padilla is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

"Instead of asking for backup or using less physical compliance techniques, the officer puts away his tools and overwhelms an young intoxicated man with such force in a most sensitive area that he causes the man to, understandably, respond even more strongly," Davis said in a press release.

Sources: KOB Eyewitness News, Daily Caller, Huffington Post


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