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Footage Inside Supersonic RAF Typhoon Jet Reveals Life of Fighter Pilot (Video)

A new video of a flight on an RAF Typhoon jet reveals what it’s like to be onboard the supersonic fighter plane during a six-minute virtual trip between Lake District and Welsh Valleys.

The clip was put together by Metropolis Entertainment.

On the video, the pilot flies to 40,000ft before making a descent to 250ft. From there, viewers are taken on a tour of the Welsh countryside.

“The sights are incredible, the speed is fierce and the turns are just ridiculous. What a powerful machine,” Metropolis Entertainment says.

Near the end of the flight, the pilot takes the plane through a series of flips and turns followed by a landing at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

“The video gives you the backseat cockpit view of an ultra-low flight RAF's Typhoon frontline jet fighter,” explained video producers Metropolis Entertainment, summing up the experience.

The Eurofighter is currently on display at the London Science Museum as part of its RAF Typhoon Simulator exhibition.

Since January 2013, nearly 600 jets have been ordered to carry out various missions throughout Europe.

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