Footage Of Giant Spider Feasting Freaks Out Viewers (Video)

When an Australian man was confronted by the horrifying sight of a giant spider dragging a mouse up along the face of a refrigerator, he had the good sense to film it (video below - if you dare). Now, the gruesome footage has been a viral sensation.

On Oct. 22, Jason Womal of Mackay, Queensland, was heading out for work when his neighbor stopped him in his tracks.

“So I am about the leave for work … and me neighbor says ‘You want to see something cool’ and I say Hell yeah,’” Womal wrote on Facebook. “So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse.”

Womal filmed the chilling tussle of an enormous huntsman spider gripping a mouse by its face, dragging it up the surface of his neighbor’s refrigerator.

The monstrous huntsman, with its long spindly legs, tiptoes across the white surface with a limp mouse in its clutches.

Keeper Phil Patterson of Taronga Zoo, Sydney, notes that there are 94 varieties of huntsman spiders in Australia, reminding us all that it is home to some of the most frightening creatures on the planet.

“A spider of that size will take larger prey,” Patterson told BuzzFeed. “They’ll take big crickets, geckos, so while that spider has taken a small mouse, anything bigger than that mouse is too big.”

The Taronga Zoo keeper added that huntsman spiders enjoy the full-bodied targets because they are essentially vampires.

“They will target those bigger-body preys because of the nutrients they give them, so it can sustain them for a long time,” Patterson said.

“Then they’ll inject them with venom and slowly, as the venom takes effect, it will do what every single spider species does, and that’s liquify the inside of the prey and then basically slurp the insides of the animal … physically drink it.”

With that horrifying mental image in mind, imagine the reaction of poor Zoe Perry of Victoria, Australia when, after buying a bag of salad greens from her local Whole Foods, the self-described arachnophobic was given the surprise of her life when she discovered that a huntsman spider was crawling around in her fresh greens, The Guardian reports.

Despite being straight out of a nightmare, Womal’s video capturing the terror of the huntsman spider has been a viral sensation. Just two days after the Australian uploaded his footage, the video has already gained over 35,000 views.

Sources: BuzzFeed News, The GuardianJason Womal/Facebook / Photo credit: Jason Womal via YouTube

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