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Footage Of Chaos At Walmart Quickly Goes Viral (Video)

A video of two women violently brawling at a Walmart in Deer Creek, Texas has surfaced.

"Take your poor (expletive) out this store," Alice Keener said to customer Jessica Albitz. "Your momma is a (expletive),” she continued on the video.

Albitz then headbutts Keener, who then grabs Albitz by the hair and bangs her head on a nearby table, scattering merchandise. Keener slammed Albitz to the floor before other customers intervened.

Keener is a tax worker for a branch of Jackson Hewitt, located in that Walmart. Albitz told KTRK she and her husband went to file their taxes at Jackson Hewitt and got into a verbal spar with Keener.

Keener was not their tax worker, but she was clocking in when Albitz arrived. 

"She came in in a bad mood, and so she took it out on us," said Albitz. "She was very rude to us.”

The next day, Albitz returned to Walmart to shop, but she ran into Keener again. Albitz said Keener said a profanity under her breath.

"I turn around and said 'excuse me,'" Albitz said. "I did say something back. She came out of her cubicle and followed me to the entrance.”

After the fight was over, Albitz received a trespassing warning from police. Keener did not respond to requests for comment.

Source: KTRK Image via KTRK


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