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Man Videotapes Hotel Cleaning Staff In His Room, The Footage Is Shocking (Video)

Hotel housekeeping staffs are a helpful, even if a bit uncomfortable, part of the hotel experience. Everyone loves coming home to a clean room, but the thought of a stranger being left alone with all of your personal possessions is a tad unnerving.

One skeptical hotel tenant set up a secret camera in his room recently to discover what the hotel’s housekeeping staff really did while he was out for the day. The answer he found is pretty unsettling.

The camera captured footage of his room cleaner rummaging through many of his personal belongings. First, the female worker takes a look at a package he’d received that day. She’s then seen on footage looking at his video games, laptops and tablet. She even tries repeatedly to log in to some of the gadgets. Once she’s done checking out the technology on hand, she takes a look in the man’s suitcase. After cleaning the room's bathroom and mirror, she again tries to access the man’s laptop.

The woman never takes anything, but her numerous attempts to log in to the man’s personal gadgets are concerning. Oh, and she makes his bed while wearing the same gloves she cleaned the toilet with.

Here’s the footage:

Sources: YouTubeMetro


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