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Footage From Asiana Airlines Crash Shows Firefighters Twice Drove Over Passenger's Body

Shocking new footage from this summer’s Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco was released yesterday.

The footage, first released by CBS, reveals firefighters accidentally ran over a live teenage girl’s body -- unintentionally killing her. The moment the girl’s body was crushed is not seen on the footage, though the film does exist. The girl’s family maintains possession of that footage and does not want it released to the public.

Nevertheless, firefighters are seen and heard on the released film pointing out the body of 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan and telling truck drivers to maneuver around it. But eventually, in their frantic effort to reach other survivors in the plain, responders assumed the girl was dead and drove over her. Ye was one of the three people to die in the July 6 crash.

Initially, officials said Yuan’s body was ran over because it was covered in fire fighting foam covering the scene. The newly released footage shows that was not the case. Yuan’s family now hopes the film can help them discover exactly who is responsible for their daughter’s death.

"What the family wants is accountability," said Justin Green, an attorney representing the girl’s family. “They want to know why weren't the firefighters trained, why weren't the supervisors certified and why hasn't the fire department come clean about what happened?”

Last month, San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White defended the crew’s actions to local news station KPIX.

“Our members that day had difficult decisions to make,” White said. “One was visualizing someone that appeared to be dead versus going onto the burning plane with reports of people that still needed to be rescued.”

Here is the footage from the crash:

Sources: CBS, New York Daily News, KPIX


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