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Footage Of 20-Foot-Long Shark Surfaces (Video)

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Video footage of a 20-foot-long great white shark has surfaced recently from a researcher studying the animals (video below).

Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, a shark expert and researcher, posted a video of the gigantic shark on his Facebook page on Aug. 10. In the video, which was shot in 2013, the shark can be seen swimming slowly near divers who are in a steel cage.

The shark, nicknamed “Deep Blue,” is believed to be about 50 years old and roughly 20 feet long. Her girth reportedly measures up to a small elephant. The shark was also pregnant at the time the video was shot.

The video was captured near Guadalupe Island in Mexico while Padilla was tagging various sharks. It has since gone viral on Facebook, with more than 1.8 million views and 30,000 shares within two days, and boasts to be footage of the “biggest shark ever filmed.”

Many took to the comment section to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the video.

“Ok holy cow that’s got to be one of the best vids I’ve ever seen,” wrote one user. “What a (cool) shark!!!”

“Man! That was awesome; what a magnificent animal,” another user wrote. 

Source: Fox 5, Mauricio Hoyos Padillo/Facebook / Photo credit: Fox 5


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