Food Tamperer, Tatyana Granada, Sues Co-Op Grocery Store For $8 Million

A Canadian woman jailed for tampering with food at a Calgary Co-op location is now suing the grocery chain.

Tatyana Granada, 47, was found guilty in 2012 of mischief and trespassing after she put pins, needles and nails into bakery and dairy products at the Oakridge Co-op, CTV Calgary reported. The offenses happened in 2010.

Granada, who served three years in prison, was released on March 6 and has now filed a lawsuit seeking $8 million in damages. She alleges the company is responsible for her emotional distress and defamation, which led to her husband's suicide.

Originally from Latvia, the plaintiff also alleges the company is responsible for her inability to secure a job.

Granada says she is a widow with no income and is left to take care of her two children by herself.

A Co-op representative says the company has not been served and is not aware of a pending lawsuit involving Granada.

The allegations have not been proven, and legal experts say the lawsuit is unlikely to hold up in court, globalnews.ca reported.

“These kind of lawsuits that don’t have any merit do tie the court up. Fortunately, there are shortcuts that wrongfully sued defendants can take to have baseless lawsuits struck before they have to spend money going to trial,” explains lawyer Clint Suntjens. “The courts are equal access to everybody, and as long as you have the filing fee you can file anything you like.

“It doesn’t mean the case is going to be proven against the person you sued, and it doesn’t even mean the person has done anything against the law or wrong.”

During the criminal case, the court was told that Granada’s motive for tampering with food was revenge. She has been banned from ever shopping at Co-op stores again.


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